The equipment at Legend of Defense

Well, we can talk about the equipment at Legend of Defense. The equipment system inside is divided into five kinds of equipment, The corresponding are white, green, blue, purple, and golden. White is the worst, and the golden is the best.
How can we get more equipment? First you can pass through the stars or equipment debris or you can get it in the chest. Bronze is generally green equipment;silver is usually blue equipment,Purple and gold can be obtained from the golden box, and the 10 golden boxes will surely get a purple kit, and there's a chance to get a purple suit reel. When we get enough fragments, we can synthesize them, click on the debris system in the backpack, and we can see if you have any synthetic equipment. The synthetic equipment is free. if the pieces are enough then just to make it
And Game Arena, Guild, The devil challenges scan also be converted to advanced equipment
Enhance the equipment. White equipment is the cheapest and gold is the most expensive. It's good to strengthen the blue or purple equipment at the early stage. White and green. Don't strengthen it too high. It's enough. The earlier fortified gold coins must be put on purple or blue. Later decomposition is useful.
The equipment above the blue quality and the above blue equipment can lift the star, the ascending star can enhance the equipment property by percentage, and the improvement will be very strong at later stage. We can use the star stone and the extra equipment to enhance the star operation.
Unimportant equipment can be disposed of by equipment to the star and the blacksmith. Equipment that is equipped with a rising star and a blacksmith shop will return a certain amount of silver. The purple stone is used to make a suit

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