How to get the war horse

The horse is very important in game Legend of Defense. Some players ask me how to get the horse. In fact, at present, the ways to obtain the war horse are still more. So let's look at how to get the horse
Plunder: you can get advanced war horse
2 point stamina is consumed each time, plunder can get materials. Maybe you can get Purple equipment keys, Equipment debris. Materials can be replaced by rare mounts
The plundering is relative, you can plunder other people's supplies, then they can plunder yours too. When your resource is robbed, the looters will be added to the vengeance list. A vengeance can be used to fight the looters in the list, and successful vengeance can be rewarded with additional material.
Arena: The arena is the PK game between players
Primary exchange: Convertible blue equipment fragments, Summoning Stone Materials
Intermediate exchange: Convertible purple generals pieces and purple equipment fragments
Advanced convertibility: The convertibility of gold pieces, gold pieces of equipment and military material packs

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