1.Player’s profile

  1. Open profile of your ID

  2. You can check most of your info here.

  3. Name change is available here too. Free for 1st time, 500 diamond for next.

  4. Can quit Guild from this window.
    2.Game setting

  5. Mute or Unmute game music

  6. Use Promotion code
    Report Bug via contact page

3.Cash shop

  1. Buy diamond

  2. Buy items (with diamond)

  3. Packs. Depends on your Noble title, you could claim Noble’s gifts once you reached higher title. And buy Noble pack daily.

  4. You can also check each Noble title’s benefits here.


  1. Return to Home interface.

  2. Open Squad management window

  3. Select your team of 8 Heroes

  4. View hero’s status, upgrade and evolve

  5. View hero’s equipment, upgrade and enchant

  6. Quick equip and Quick enchant button for fast power up (Level 15 required)

  7. Renforcement, set your support Heroes to increase overall status of your team (Level 45 required)

  8. Go to Story mode and Heroic mode

  9. Challenge all defense mission to collect resource and leveling your Heroes

  10. Challenge Heroic mode to collect valuable reward such as Epic Hero’s fragment and Tribute items

  11. Go to PvP section

  12. Raid, challenge another player for rewards. Spoils of War can exchange for more precious rewards

  13. Coliseum, fight against player and climb up to the top. Reward with Diamond on your progress

  14. Campaign, late game challenge mission for well prepared squad

  15. Facebook, closed group PvP with your friends. Raid and Coliseum available

  16. Open your inventory to manage items

  17. Equipment, view list of equipments. Upgrade and Enchant available

  18. Consumable, you can sale item for extra gold or using EXP potion, treasure chest here

  19. Mount, upgrade your horse here

  20. Misc, check your fragments here, and you may use it when you got enough to summon new Hero and Equipment

  21. Open chat window

  22. “All” is a global chat to everyone who online

  23. “Guild” is a chat room for your guild’s members

10.Time event:

  1. Just stay online and you will get rewards

  2. Reward will reset daily
    11.Special event:

  3. Give a special reward for each day you play

  4. Accumulate login for 7 days to receive final reward, Epic Hero!

  5. An event center. All standard and limited event is here

  6. Free bread, 3 time a day

  7. Treasures box. Open free boxes everyday, or buy additional box for extra resource

  8. Noble gifts, collect daily gifts based on your Noble title (VIP rank)

  9. ETC.

  10. Show player’s ranking for Squad’s total battle power

  11. Main mission, keep checking and following these guideline mission for you extra profits while Level-up

  12. Daily mission


  1. Check income mail and receive rewards from any event
    16.World boss:

  2. Raid boss that allow all player attack for a short time in each day

  3. You can set Auto play with some cost to attack boss even you not playing while he comes.

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